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Working 9-5 – What a way to make a living.

Traditions tend to be things that are ingrained in our culture and our beliefs, not wanting to change them or even to question them.  That is, until it comes to the workplace!  Traditionally, working hours were 9-5, but that is changing as demand for flexible working increases.  

 Flexible hours are nothing new since we’ve been able to work ‘flexi-time’ for a while, albeit within set parameters and working from home is considered the norm once a week in some companies.  But now, flexible working is taking on a whole new meaning. 

 There is a clear demand for positions that offer candidates the options to choose the hours they work.  Sounds crazy, but in fact, it is a strategic tool that businesses are starting to adopt in order to attract the highest level of candidates and a more diverse set of talent. 

 The stats are clear!  A recent survey1 by Powwownow, a web conferencing company shows that a massive 67% of employees wish they were offered flexible working and 70% feel that flexible working makes a job more attractive to them.

 Employee job satisfaction is high on the list of all successful companies as staff is one of their most important assets, but can ultra-flexible working hours achieve this?

 The answer is yes!  A feeling of trust and value transpire for candidates which results in improved self-esteem and self-worth.  These candidates are the most likely to have the highest morale and company loyalty.  With no need to travel during rush hour and the ability to make family commitments, the work / life balance is high. 

 Here at TD Group, we’re seeing that our clients are adopting this trend with many going above and beyond the flexi-time approach.  We are also finding that our candidates now place flexible working hours very high up on their list of preference with a significant number preferring this approach over a higher salary.  We feed this information back to our clients in order for them to offer the best working environment.    

A recent article in ES magazine2 discusses how accountancy giant PwC are asking potential new recruits to suggest the hours they would like to work.  In this radical new scheme, PwC are encouraging applicants to list their skills and to propose the hours of the week they work in a bid to recruit the best people.  They fully understand that flexibility will attract applications from a higher level of candidates and that the traditional 9-5 may be a thing of the past. 

As finance and IT recruitment specialists, we are fully committed to delivering the best solutions for both client and candidate and ensuring long-term placements.


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Acknowledgement to the 1980 Film ‘Nine to Five’, Theme song by Dolly Parton. 

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