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TD Group’s guidance through the recruitment process led Daniel Layne to secure a significant software developer’s role with the UK arm of LeasePlan, the world’s largest commercial vehicle leasing company.

He now runs his own software solutions business, Quotevine in Bedford, which in five years has expanded to employ 20 people.

“Without Tony (and co), it might never have happened,” says Daniel.

“It started with him taking the time out to meet me for a coffee. With other recruitment agencies it can be a cursory glance at a CV or a rejection email, but Tony took care in getting to know me, about my strengths and weakness, chatting through the personalities involved and discussing the role face-to-face.

“It meant I was much better prepared when it came to the interview. The process was much more successful than with people who perhaps don’t actually care that much about who you are – who just want to fill the role, collect the commission and move on.”

The story doesn’t stop there, however, as Daniel explains.

“Tony makes the effort to stay in touch with people he’s recruited. He would visit Lease Plan, spend time with us and go up to the cafeteria for a catch-up.

“It became apparent that he and TD Group had in fact placed lots of good people across different departments in the business and there’d been lots of good experiences.

“It was an unusually pleasant experience – in fact a breath of fresh air – in an industry which can have a bad reputation – in fact it was a breath of fresh air to have that experience.”

Daniel adds: “TD would be top of our list for recruiting technical staff. Of the agencies we’ve used, they are the best at finding the right person.”