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Blue Phoenix

As vendors start to cancel support for older platforms, more and more organisations are looking toward some form of system and / or applications migration as the most effective route to IT modernisation.

Such projects are intricate and complex requiring a detailed road map; this has to be based on an in-depth examination of the actual system elements. Such knowledge is often not immediately available as the core design and build was completed several decades ago. Over the last 2 years TD Group have work closely with our partner Blue Phoenix to help port over a number of life assurance and pensions systems belonging to a major UK insurer.

These systems are actually run by Capita as part of a multimillion pound managed service contract. The systems themselves are ICL/Fujitsu mainframes under VME which needed to be ported to a Windows environment. Some files are partly written in Cobol, with the majority of the application code written in Delta. Elements of the data reside on an IDMSX database which will transfer onto a SQL Server relational database.

For all three systems being ported the batch and the VME TPMS programs are converted to Micro-focus Cobol by Blue Phoenix toolsets. The success of this project lies with the initial ability to analysis the functions and subsequently manage the file conversions. In addition several functions have been completely re-written as some programs are not supported in the windows ported environment.

This programme, although not quite complete as yet, is on track to be a complete success for both Blue Phoenix and TD Group. The overall ROI to Capita and thus the end user runs into millions of pounds and we hope this will lay down an extremely strong business case for a number of other client legacy system migrations to be now considered.


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August 14, 2018