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“If TD calls and says ‘I’ve got someone for you’ then I know it would be someone worth seeing,” says David Hirst, recalling his time as a programme office manager/programmes manager with LeasePlan.

Among the top three independent leaser of cars and commercial vehicles in the UK, the business has relied on TD Group’s specialist recruitment skills for many years.

“I was recruiting for roles in IT project management and there were two big differences with TD Group – their knowledge of us as a business and our culture, and their willingness to go the extra mile to properly understand the job spec.

“If TD said someone was worth considering then they were, and it’s the same today…

“You know it isn’t just someone who’s clicked on the right five ‘buzzwords’ on LinkedIn and been pinged on to us on the off-chance.

“As a client, it makes a big difference feeling like you’ve got someone on your side, trying to bring the right people to the business as opposed to just being interested in the numbers.”

And David adds: “With TD Group, I know they will have done the sifting through CVs to get it down to the right shortlist and, importantly, had a physical conversation with both parties to explain one to the other and vice-versa – not left all that up to the customer.

“Larger agencies can use algorithms which can source 100 candidates in an impressively short space of time, but they can also be out of touch with the right pool of people.

“TD Group go in-depth – there’s a human touch. The critical point is that they will find people who are the right fit for the culture of the business.

“Nine times out of ten with them we went ahead with an interview and a lot of the time that would translate into a hire. They had a very strong hit rate with the contract placements that we had available.”