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Tony Priest, Director of TD Group Ltd was delighted to recently receive the Tom Maccabee Inspiration for Innovation Volunteer of the Year Award for his contribution as a business volunteer to Silverstone Park’s Inspiration for Innovation (I4I) local schools/careers programme with the Automotive 30% Club.

Tony is part of a dedicated network of business volunteers who give up their time to offer advice and guidance to secondary school students to help inspire and offer guidance on future career opportunities. He said: “Schools are great at teaching hard skills – knowledge – in subjects such as maths, languages, science and so on, but it’s the soft skills – the personality traits such as positivity, emotional intelligence, leadership, empathy, adaptability, team player attitude – that will have the biggest impact on all our lives. Its these skills that will help the students make the most of any opportunities in life. This is why I get involved with the fantastic Inspiration for Innovation programme – to get the students engaged and connected with people, to show them they can achieve anything with the right mindset.”

Tony took part in a series of tailored events at Kingsthorpe College, Northampton, The Buckingham School and Sponne School, Towcester and which, in the 2019/20 academic year, reached more than 1,000 Year 8 and 9 students. In addition, Tony and the TD Group team volunteered additional time to help with student tours of businesses at Silverstone Park. He added: “It’s an absolute pleasure to be helping guide the next generation and this award means a lot to us all here at TD Group and we look forward to doing it all over again.”