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Are You in the Right Job?

When we start out on our journeys, we would all (or most of us) like to think that by the time we’re 45, we’ll be in a well-suited job, in the right career and pretty happy where we are and where we’re going. For many however, it’s not the case.

Everyone questions where they are in life and if they are in the right job from time to time, it’s only natural. Certain things can trigger these feelings, maybe a failed project or a fall out with the boss, can lead to feeling a lack of motivation or enthusiasm. This can lead to a feeling of unsatisfaction. Whilst these feelings pass for many, sometimes the feeling can be overwhelming, and changes need to be made.

Half of the British workforce are unfulfilled

First Direct conducted research of 2,000 workers across the country and found that almost half of the British workforce felt they needed a change in their career path.

A huge 47% admitted that they were ‘not sure’ if they were in the right job or the right career and felt unfulfilled.

One third accounted the problem to a lack of reasonable work-life balance, whilst a quarter were motivated to switch careers in order to learn a new skill or build a new profession.

The desire to switch careers actually spans all age ranges and generations; not just the early working years as would be expected.  In fact, in the over-45s a whopping 42% said they plan to change careers in the next two years.

It seems money isn’t everything as the drive to make changes is often associated with more personal satisfaction with careers in teaching, nursing or charity work being the most popular.


At TD Group, we take the time to discuss and understand our candidates wants and needs. This is so important and helps when matching the right person to the right company and ultimately to the right job. If you’re looking for a new job, or are a business with a job to advertise, please get in touch!

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