TD Group back to school

In partnership with Proactive Education & Training Ltd we were asked to help the students of Shenley Brook End School, based in Milton Keynes, in preparing their CV's and covering letters for work placements next year.

The Year 10 students worked very hard putting in those essential parts to their CV's and tackling the most difficult part - just starting it!

In the two sessions, we presented the essential information to put down on a CV and how best to get across who they are as a person and what they can offer - which is plenty even at this early age.  In the final workshop, the students all agreed cover letters were important and put together a good framework including companies they could approach for placements they are most passionate about.

The student's ambitions were limitless ranging from being a head chef, packaging designer to a clinical phycologist!

It was a great privilege to be able to help local students understand modern recruitment and how to best present themselves to potential employers.

NewsMatt Penton