Whilst there are many economic and moral reasons why websites should be accessible to all visitors, every UK business also now has a legal obligation to ensure this.

The Disability Discrimination Act states that all businesses that offer services must endeavour to make their services equally accessible to everyone. Whilst it is still not known what level of accessibility will prove to be the legal definition of “accessible”, organisations that support the rights of disabled people to accessible content are in general agreement that the guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (external link) (the accepted world standards body for websites) will probably form the basis of such a definition.

The UK Government mandate that their own sites must achieve the “single-A” rating, and should attempt to achieve “double-A”. A “double-A” rating is rarely achieved at the moment. A survey of 1000 sites by the Disability Rights Commission found that only 0.2% of sites tested achieved this level.

This TD Group site has been designed with the aim of achieving “double-A” rating. We are committed to further improvements over the coming months, so please visit our site again soon.

Irrespective of standards or legal requirements, we are committed to ensuring that the whole site is:

  • Accessible to everyone
  • Easy to understand
  • Accurate

If you have any comments about the site, we would appreciate hearing from you. Our details are on the Contacts page. If you have a problem accessing our content, we will try to provide you with the content in the format that is in the most convenient form for you. We will also strive to fix the underlying problem that made it difficult for you.