About TD Group


It all started over 10 years ago...

TD Group was established in 2004 and since then has grown and evolved to meet changing market needs and trends in recruitment and resourcing. At inception the focus was essentially on IT resourcing whether that be to simply provide the right resource for an individual placement or conversely project manage and develop entire IT solutions of varying complexity.

Since 2006 TD Group has also been invited by our expanding client base to recruit permanent specialist IT skilled people alongside contract positions. We have successfully met this challenge recruiting not only people for permanent roles in information technology but also for all levels of business management from senior executives to front-line customer services and administration staff.

At TD Group we believe in partnering with you to improve your business performance and enable change that delivers the best possible value from your business and information technology investments.

We work hard in getting to know you either as a candidate or client so we can find you the perfect fit both in the short term and to grow with your future plans & objectives.

Our broad portfolio of services is scalable and adaptable, depending upon clients’ needs and their project requirements.

We bring a formidable real-world experience to ensure successful delivery of modern complex business and IT programmes or recruitment challenges.

If you have an IT role that you are struggling to find just the right person for the job or you are looking to land your next big position, we would like to talk with you!